Wi-Fi Monetisation solution

Generating revenue streams by leveraging internet services.

Wi-Fi Monetization is another way of saying Wi-Fi marketing to grow/support any business and generate revenue. Wi-Fi monetisation Solution is a revolution in lead generation and social marketing. It is an advanced software platform for managing running marketing campaigns on WiFi access in private and public areas like hotels, malls, cafes, restaurants, airports, etc.

By implementing B2B2C monetization strategies, anyone can be benefited from WiFi Offload and free WiFi access to temporary user base on the go. 

Key Features

  • SMS and Facebook-based user login
  • Bulk ticket generation for instant access
  • Dual ISP support for redundancy
  • Customized Login portals with Hotel Homepage etc.
  • Secured access for wireless users
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While setting up a free WiFi zone, it’s significant to have an alternative on the different revenue stream by which free WiFi service can be monetised. Though, WiFi is in demand in the hospitality industry, so people are exploring possibilities to shift WiFi from cost centre to a revenue generator. Push/launch advertisement campaigns in free Wi-Fi is changing the way of connected businesses while generating revenue.

A guest can access the Internet the way they normally do, but after the first authentication, they can consistently stay connected without re-entering passwords or codes each time they get their smartphones out of their pockets or turn their tablets on after a period of inactivity.

Wi-Fi Monetisation Solution is enabled with cutting-edge technology for implementing a wide range of monetisation strategies, Across the retail, hospitality, service, leisure, and transport sectors and public places like airports, hotels, shopping malls, lounge etc. WiFi Monetisation offers an innovative and unique new way to engage with customers, staff and prospects, as well as also create windows to increase revenue and make data-driven decisions.

Wi-Fi Monetisation Solution comes usability and feature-richness, creating an overwhelming experience for the end-customer while providing you with opportunities to monetise your WiFi network footfall. 

You can create:

  • SMS-based authentication for casual users
  • Social logins for lead generation
  • Gated access using mandatory surveys or video ads
  • Validity passes for premium users
  • Pay-to-use transaction gateways

Wi-Fi Monetisation is widely deployed by various sectors with an objective to improve customer experience and increasingly drive customer engagement and behavioral insights.

By implementing monetization strategies, you can reap benefits beyond those directly associated with WiFi Offload and granting free WiFi access to your customer base when they are on the go.

The system recognises the devices that your guests have already uses, allowing them to stay always connected. Easy, instant and convenient access: just like home Wi-Fi.

The analytics tools of Wi-Fi Hotel allow you to monitor and analyse system use with an un-equalled level of detail. With our analytics functionality, you can find out which categories of guests use the Wi-Fi of your facility the most, at which times and which access methods they prefer. And, in particular, you can see how much traffic they generate, in order to prevent any congestion.

WiFi Monetisation offers an innovative and unique new way to engage with customers, staff and prospects, as well as an opportunity to increase revenue and make data-driven decisions. Consumers expect to engage with businesses in ways they never have before and intelligent networks are the perfect enablers. 

Monetisation of Wi-Fi through different ways:

As hotels constantly seek ways to improve their loyalty programs, they have begun to incorporate Wi-Fi, one of the most important actors of guest satisfaction, into the key list of benefits. With GCR’s wireless Hotspot solutions, Guests can be given free Wi-Fi at no cost to Hotel owner. GCR’s solution also provides many alternative ways for hospitality venues to provide Wi-Fi access to their guests, from self-registration methods such as social media login to on-demand account creation with the ticket printer. The ability to collect more detailed customer information and generate direct bookings is increasingly become one of the key added values as owners seek to increase the ROI on wireless infrastructure. The WiFi monetization using Login Portal and in-service Advertisement opens a new stream of earning using focused Digital marketing. The Hotel ISP/Owner can show hotel promotions/events or next-door services like flowers, cake shops etc. while Customer is browsing the web. Detailed analytics report of user views, user regions can be provided to partner who is advertising his product and services.

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