Asset Tracking

A smart and seamless real-time SaaS enabled asset tracking solution using BLE

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology is evolving, and beacons are now being used for Asset Tracking, and a range of new approaches and implementations of this technology are being employed in SMB and SMB Enterprises for their step towards Digital Transformation.

Key Features

  • Real-time within premises tracking
  • Alarms and zones alert
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Web console
  • Mobile consoles for assets

Asset tracking conventionally means many things but in general it’s about tracking your valuable assets within your premises (small to huge) effectively.

The major advantages of using BLE technology in asset tracking are it is easy to implement, and has no involvement of costly wiring or installations. It can also be used by effectively using the existing smartphone devices or the existing IT Infrastructure which make this solution extremely cost-effective to identify assets within many different areas or 'zones' within your premises.

BLE based Asset Tracking also will help to quickly read nearby assets without requiring individual scanning (unlike passive RFID tags) and will Provide contextual information relating to nearby objects. It will automatically record interactions between users and assets.

Our BLE based Asset tracking solution is a combination of sensors on assets and indoor locators ensure that you have a real time view of where exactly your assets are.

It is now commonly used in small and medium businesses and also in enterprise customer segments towards their first step to change management. The verticals where the solution is already implemented are, Agriculture, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharma and Storage Warehouses.

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