Restaurant Inventory Management Solution (RIMS)

An easy way to control Inventory on real time basis

Restaurant Inventory Management Solution (RIMS) – a cloud based software solution for restaurants & centralized kitchens. You can track all the actives in real-time from anywhere at any time. Using RIMS which is a hugely cost-effective solution, requires very low maintenance, reduce high hardware cost like POS machines & easy access to any kind of information. 

Key Features

  • Easy setup
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Manage kitchen, store, raw, material, Multi-store, feedback and recipe
  • Track table billing, take away & delivery, online/mobile ordering, table reservation and stock in – stock out
  • Multicurrency
  • Reporting & Analytics and create your own report
  • Live online and mobile reporting
Restaurant Inventory Management Solution India


Managing inventory may be in the bottom of your priority list but do you know that scheduling and performing regular inventories can increase your profits by over 20% each year. It’s crucial to control your restaurant’s food costs and reduce waste. RIMS controls everything starting from planning your menu to estimating how many guests you can serve to, which is essential to the daily operation of any foodservice business. It also prevents over-ordering.

With real-time restaurant inventory management software, you can track your food inventory, suppliers, units, and prices so you know when and what to reorder, without having to spend hours on data management.

RIMS allows easy ordering and tracking through a mobile app with tracks cost of goods sold, examine entire purchase history, pricing, new products, and stock edits to your customers in real time basis. You can easily access and manage all data and record in the cloud.

This cloud-based restaurant inventory purchasing and management app offers streamlined procurement system, delivery tracking, and accounting. It tracks cost of goods sold, examine entire purchase history and stay on top of your inventory. 

Full Overview of the solution:

  • Tracking Inventory

    RIMS stock and inventory management module helps you keep
    a tight control on the stock, and works to prevent
    wastage and theft.

  • Kitchen

    Manage the overall circulation of food with RIMS’s central
    Kitchen Management.

  • Store Management

    Our inventor module helps you manage stock supplies from Store.

  • Raw Material Management

    You can manage the raw material requirements of your kitchen by
    keeping a track of the stock and the inventory. The RIMS saves you
    from embarrassing situations where you run out of stock by
    prompting you to reorder.

  • Recipe Management

    Our centralized Recipe Management feature lets you easily
    manage the recipes across your outlets.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    RIMS’s advanced reporting and analytic features give you deep
    insights into your restaurant business, and helps you take
    informed decisions based on the reports.

  • Table Billing

    Quick and simplified billing process lets you process more number
    of orders in a short time.

  • Takeaway & Delivery

    Easily process Takeaway and Delivery orders directly from the
    POS. Consolidate orders and manage payments all at one place without any hassles.

  • Online/Mobile Ordering

    Accept orders from multiple Online Ordering platforms with
    ease. Eliminate the manual effort of calculating orders from various channels.

  • Table Reservation

    Let your customers dine at a seat of their choice by pre-booking
    their table. Save your customers the trouble of waiting for a table
    during the rush hours through POSist’s Table Reservation Module.

  • Feedback management

    Show your customers that you care by asking for their feedback.
    Ask for specific feedback based on the items they ordered, the
    service, ambiance, etc.

  • Recipe Management

    Feed in your recipes into the POS to keep a track of the stock
    consumed based on the items ordered. Any update in the recipes is
    reflected instantly across outlets, thus ensuring consistency.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Keep a tight control on your inventory by monitoring the daily
    consumption and detailed stock reports. In-depth reports allow
    you to forecast usage and optimize your operations.

  • Create your own Report

    Create custom reports according to your preference for easy
    understanding. View reports on the basis of items sold, total sales
    in a day.

  • Graphical analytics

    View descriptive reports through the graphical and tabular
    representation of data. Analyze detailed reports to make smart
    decisions for your restaurant.

  • Mobile Reporting

    View reports of your restaurant business at any time of the day,
    from anywhere. Keep a track of the overall sales, settled and
    unsettled bills, total footfall at your restaurant and more.

  • Offline Reporting

    Keep your restaurant running even case of an internet outage.
    POSist runs smoothly offline as well and gets automatically
    synced with the server as soon connected.

  • Central Reporting

    View and control multiple outlets from one place. Analyze sales
    reports of various outlets and evaluate their performance based
    on the sales data. 

  • Live Reporting

    Eliminate the dependency on your Manager for reports by
    viewing them all on your mobile. Live reports also remove the
    scope of data-tampering, thus making your restaurant
    pilferage free! 

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