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Check out the video on “how our micro e-learning can help” you to leverage the skills and improve on job performance. Our learning products facilitates knowledge retention and skill application through a measurable learning experience, that leads employee performance to the next level.

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Key Features

Bite-Size learning

Engage your learners with shorter and qualitative content that is easy to understand and apply.


Approve, comment, and award points on submitted assignments as well as to measure the competency level and potential of the workforce. Do hierarchy-based monitoring by region, area, territory and more.


Get a data rich surveys with meaningful insights from employees and customers, as their voice can support in business decision making.


Create your own award points level, badges and leader board for your course activities through the gamification engine.

Library of Job Aids

Job aids to strengthen SOPs, sales techniques, customer service, product knowledge, employee evaluation system, safety & compliance.

Scenario-based learning

Set course lessons and quiz-based prerequisites. Additionally, you can design the course order and create the learning path or give learners the option to choose the courses they take.


Improve learning effectiveness with the option, to view the material in the language of employee’s choice.


Faster delivery of training content

Wider reach of communication without high cost

Easy to understand & retain Knowledge

Implement your SOP's & practices at grass root level effective way.

Improve job performance & overall productivity

Build content on your PC and push it to an unlimited number of remote screens.

Redefine the culture of continuous learning with Micro e-learning solutions from GCR India

GCR is one of the pioneer e learning solutions providers in India, offering combined robust instruction design with authoring tool to blend your micro e-learning with the best effective learning journey. We have also extended the utility of existing corporate learning system with integration

Our online micro e-learning management system has a unique eLibrary facility that helps to simplify the access to various SOPs and relevant documents, thus employees can efficiently conduct the on-job activities with the improved performance.

 Rapid e-learning materials are  easy to implement which allows responding to the unique training needs in real-time, and ensures that workforce training is always ready to adapt to changes in the market or your corporate structure.

Micro e-learning is an ideal solution for both small and large firms who want to manage their organisational training or knowledge in the form of ongoing learning. This platform helps to identify, evaluate and enhance knowledge of workforce from time-to-time. Also available in various languages.

Contact Us today at 91-9324031818 and speak to guide how you can Improve your talent retention and workforce with uniquely effective learning experiences.

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