Campus Tracking

A comprehensive students/people/vehicle tracking solution for Educational Institutes and Corporates

Campus tracking is a comprehensive SaaS-enabled IoT solution, which is an ideal solution for various industry verticals like education, corporates and manufacturing facilities to track students, employees & Assets on a real-time basis, on a detailed map and extract reports for security and analysis. 

Key Features

  • Health-safe campus tracking solution
  • Monitor & manage the movements across the campus geo-fencing
  • Daily Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and SoS escalation
  • Security breach alerts and alarms
  • Reports & notifications
  • Deviation and violation campus governance 


For Educational Institute Campus

It tracks students right from the moment they get into to the bus, inside the school, and till they are dropped off.

As a school management, you will not only give parents’ peace of mind that their children are getting to and from school safely, but also you would increase efficiency by seeing which students are actually riding the bus and what stops are being used daily.

For the safety of the student, notifications will be sent to the admin in case of any variation in the assigned route or under any unexpected situation.

This Campus Management System’s “geo-fencing” tracks the user’s movements within the campus. Alerts and alarms are also pushed when a user leaves the assigned area or enters into a confined area. Alerts are sent to the admin on SMS and Email to ensure that the admin responds instantly.

The Panic button on the tracker helps students or user to call for help in case of emergency. 

For Corporates

Demand for people/employee-tracking services is increasing for the safety and security of employees, and also to track employees on a real-time basis. Large corporate houses with huge campuses feel the need of employee tracking solution for which GCR has the right tracking system to track their employees on a real-time basis.

Campus Tracking Solution for corporates is a complete live tracking solution to get the reports for the complete route taken with actual distance covered, stop time at various points and punctuality. It helps in identifying unauthorized access in restricted areas, track visitor movement, track movements within the premises and also can provide attendance reports.

Most importantly, our Campus Tracking Solution is a health-safe tracking system, so it’s safe to use. It has a panic button on the tracker to call for help in case of emergency.

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