Media Capture & Live Streaming Solution

An ideal solution for multi-channel media capture

A true all-in-one solution to offer high quality Full HD synchronised recording, storage management, video broadcasting and remote access. It is easy to install and simple to operate with compact design. It is an ideal choice especially in the applications of lecture capture, enterprise training, surgery recording, and live streaming. 

Key Features

  • Multi-source synchronised recording
  • Storage & Backup
  • Staffing Optimization
  • Live Streaming
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Proprietary signal separation technology
  • Built-in Web-Based Video Switcher
Media Capture & Live Streaming Solution India


It is an efficient tool for training and learning, consisting of a media station and an auto-tracking mount.

Media Station

The media station is a compact and all-in-one design with performance. The equipped processor can capture, record, backup up to 4 channels, 1080-pixel original sources and stream out 1 customized, multi-view video.
  • Multi-source synchronized recording

    It supports synchronized multi-source recording through HDMI/VGA/RJ45 interfaces. The multi view streaming requires less storage space
    and network bandwidth.

  • Built-in Online Director

    It is to control and monitor the cameras field of view, camera mount precision movement, image source switch, image layout switch and audio mixer functions.

  • Proprietary signal separation technology

    It allows the flexibility of single or dual source front stage (live lecture) display while simultaneously performing multi-source and multi-screen recording. 

Auto-Tracking System

The auto-tracking system is compatible with various types of video cameras. The equipped sensor technology can automatically pan and tilt the camera to follow a moving lecturer, keeping him or her constantly in frame while shooting video.
  • Self-firming without help from others

    It adopts a new generation motion sensitive tracking technology which makes tracking automatically and precisely in both indoor and
    outdoor environments. For a horizontal or a vertical movement, it enables accurate tracking within a 12-meter radius, un-obstructed by
    object movements in surrounding environments.

  • Accurate and smooth tracking performance

    It provides superior continuous smooth movement recording even in close up shots, just the way a professional camera operator executes
    his/her film making task. The user can define 3 routes and 15 preset points for auto patrolling, facilitating self-capture of lecture, instructional videos, or presentations. 

  • Automatic and manual control modes

    It supports automatic, manual and half manual control modes for users to accomplish tracking recording with convenience.

    • Automatic mode to track the target without any assistance
    • Manual mode through a web-based interface to control
    • Joystick control mode that supports standard Pelco-D/P protocol

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