Share files, Deliver marketing collateral & Improve team productivity
Digital and media assets is the fundamental part of marketing campaign. Through GCR Marketing Asset Management, the customers can be provided with dynamic content such as artworks, videos, images, powerpoint presentation and documents. Many a times, teams struggle to find stored files on individual computers. Files are often tough to locate and are difficult to retrieve. FTP servers and File sharing platforms has its own restrictions.

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Key Features

Accessibility of digital assets
anytime, anywhere

Available to multiple
team members

Reports & Notifications

Details of download like who
downloaded, what & when

Easy search of
Digital Assets

Personalized collection of
assets to run campaigns


Only data

Storeroom of information regarding asset, technical specifications, associated keywords & Copyrights

Asset management

Real time update/history/
version of files

Saves time & money

Save on costs, resources
and time

Sole version

The same updated asset
versions for every user

Specialized search

Particular search that saves
your time

Data Backups

Saves with the option of recovering
file’s history and previous version

Central repository

Central repository access to
users across globe

Advanced security & encryption

Safeguards file in the storage and across mediums

Consistent Brand Image

Share the right files with your teams and vendors. The visual assets shared by you are always up to date

Scale-up as per usage

The pricing varies as per the storage and bandwidth requirements

GCR Cloud based Marketing Asset Management

GCR Marketing Asset Management is a cloud based solution which serves as a central repository to your digital assets. It works as a central hub for creative and media content. Store your digital assets on the cloud as much as you need. The solution reduces time to search files, increases time to deliver a marketing collateral and improves team productivity.
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