Interactive Smart Board Device

For effortless information sharing at your workplace and classroom.

The next-gen device to transform any surface into a machine learning enabled, Interactive Smart Board
The Interactive Smart Board Device from GCR takes information sharing to the next level. It changes the way how a presentation is given in a board meeting or lectures are delivered in the classrooms. It allows the presenter to write and draw on the same board.

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Key Features

Add comments, Rotate the pictures & Scale

Scan & Transform instantly into interactive content

Plugin & Access control with devices

Easy-to-use Drag & Drop

More than 1,000 software suite applications

Runs & Interacts with contents even in a CD


Present content in a more Efficient & Meaningful manner

Drag & Drop the files as & when needed

No additional input devices required to interact with content

Save sessions & Distribute among the students or trainees

Improve & Change content as it gets synchronized instantly

Easily portable making it easy to be used on different platforms

Usage of GCR Interactive Smart board Device

  • In classrooms
  • In shops & departmental stores
  • In factories for easy operation of tools & machines
  • For sports training
  • Helping players in understanding strategy
  • For News broadcasting

Usher into a new era of learning

GCR Interactive Smart Board is optimized to provide a low refresh latency of less than 8ms, which makes touch responses to reflect in real-time. Designed with superior optical un-distorted algorithms, the device detects every input with utmost precision. GCR, by making such devices, duly acts as a technology integrator for segments such as education, manufacturing, retails, hospitality, etc. Interactive Smart Boards employ machine learning and touch-screen technology to offer a highly interactive user experience.
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