Get access to inTERNATIONAL markets through our worldwide operations
Indian ISV get access to other markets through ouR worldwide operations

With the advent of major digital technologies like AI, AR, Blockchain, IoT etc, GCR visualises great prospects and aims to be the market leader in delivering business transformation tools.  GCR  has created a unique service delivery platform  in it’s effort to become the “Gateway to  Digital India”.   GCR’s main strength is the telco grade partner platform. GCR offers it’s platform to global vendors to showcase their solutions/products and enables them to connect to end customers through the skilled service providers viz, MSPs.  We enable vendors and SI partners  to transact seamlessly on GCR’s Partner Platform.   GCR’s expert in-house team configures ready to use solutions from the vendors portfolios and  enables the MSPs to quickly reach out to the customers.  GCR has created its own support network for the vendors and the cloud based services delivery platform for the partners/customers.

Our knowledge portal is a great resource for our partners. 

our offerings

Our services for our partners:

  • Customs, Logistics, Compliance and Taxation support  
  • Pre and post sales services   
  • Conduct MSP partner trainings, POCs and POBs  
  • Provide marketing support, access to marketing tools, access to demo centers, participation jointly in exhibitions/events  
  • Vendors can share the knowledge and content portal  
  • Help to migrate to true service model   
  • Extend cross border reach to multiple countries  
  • Access to CPSP platform/payment gateway  
  • Training, consultation, demo center
  • Knowledge center


Global Integration Partner Connect as a Service:

  • Extend cross border reach to multiple countries.
  • Vendors from all countries get access to India market through GCR.
  • Indian vendors get access to other markets through GCRs worldwide operations.
  • All service and support services provided by GCR  

Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • Expert R&D and PM Team to Integrate right Solutions on the Platform.
  • All the IOT and IOT complementing Solutions are SaaS Enabled on the GCR Platform.
  • The platform will have a cross Platform API Integration later in Phase 2, currently all the SaaS Solutions have open API’s to Integrate with Any solutions in the Any vertical.
  • 150+ SaaS Enabled Solutions on the GCR Platform  

Integration Partner connect as a Service:

  • Local Touch (Local Team )
  • Migrating System Integration partners from product to service model with recurring revenue model.
  • Enable Long term end-customer Retention.
  • Access to GCR CPSP platform for transparent operations.
  • Secured online Local Payment Gateway  

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

  • Trained Pre/post sales Team to Support end customer penetration.
  • Networking Solutions on the platform.
  • Wifi Solutions on the platform
  • Monetization Solutions on the Platform  
  • Bandwidth Aggregation Solutions on the Platfrorm  
  • Datacenter solutions on the platform  

Knowledge Centre (Content as a Service):

  • Create and Post Vendor content.
  • Create & Share technology updates.
  • Create white papers.
  • Use cases.
  • Industry Expert’s Lectures on Latest Technologies.
  • Technology Expert’s Videos.
  • Recorded Webinars & Trainings   

Pre & Post Sales Support as a Service:  

  • SI Partner training.
  • Solution configuration and integration with other solutions.
  • Warranty and RMA.
  • POCs and POBs.
  • Arranging on line demo.
  • On sight POC and POBs.
  • Solution commercialization   

Marketing Support as a Service:

  • Webinars.
  • Online / Offline Events.
  • Online / Offline Marketing support.
  • Press Release.
  • Content Creation.
  • Access to marketing tools through GCR internal team.
  • Access to demo centers.
  • Participation jointly in exhibitions.  

Logistics, Compliance and Taxation  as a Service:

  • Customs – Arranging imports through GCR or direct thru SI.
  • Logistics – Warehousing, stocking and local shipment logistics.
  • Compliance and Taxation support – Support in documentation and compliance to local laws  

Consultation and Training as a Service:

  • GCR provides resources for training the partners.
  • Can offer consultation  to end customers using GCRs technology team and Partner integration.
  • Solution Vendors products displayed in GCRs demo centers.
  • Vertical / Industry identification.
  • Product Marketing Support to identify the Market size and create commercial Business Model  

How GCR helps you cater your IoT and SaaS Worldwide

Proud moments with some of our esteemed partners

Orange Computer
Symmetrix Computers
SNA Infotech
Cosmogenic IT
Hash 1 IP Consultant LLP
Aarmour Survillance
Tara Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Netcare Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Staunch OnDemand
Abacus Infotech
Futuresoft Pvt. Ltd.
Tmen System Pvt. Ltd.
Microline Electronics
DRS IT Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Surround Networks
Belakur Innovitec Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Eden Infosol

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