Game-Based Learning

A fun-filled learning experience
A revolutionary learning experience through gaming for next generation kids. With the use of different applications and technologies, choose the right one from various types of innovative game-based learning solutions. Get your students engaged and enjoy learning their curriculum. The use of application is for primary schools, high schools and universities.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Choose from range of courseware available
  • Student assessment
  • No complicated installation


The institution can select the type of learning experience they want to provide to their students according to the standard, curriculum & syllabus to motivate them and enjoy their education.

Online Coding Platform

It is a better and an effective way to learn to code websites, apps and games. Courses like HTML & CSS, Java script, Python, web development, game development, etc. can be learned with ease.

How it works
  • Students can learn from step-by-step instructions combined with many code challenges, videos and quizzes with support of experts from the community of learners.
  • Students can quickly progress to build real world applications.
  • They can achieve their goals by either landing to dream job, build technology or start their own company.

Application for learning with gaming

It is a powerful tool to motivate students to learn, designed to engage students and appraise them to learn more effectively.

How it works
  • play games and pass the test
  • Makes an effective way to learn faster and receive timely feedback on grades and rankings.
  • Group competition can be created to increase team cohesion.
  • Teachers get real time report.
  • Institution gets to provide easy course and account management.

IoT starter kit

With the advent of new technologies using Internet of Things (IoT), institutes can provide several options to make learning experience more effective.

How it works
  • Plug, play, code and make

    One stop experience without extra component and complicated installation

  • IoT control

    Utilize cloud & IoT technology through real-life scenarios with multiple sensor support

  • Blockly & Javascript seamless switch

    Cross-platform support: Android, iOS, Browsers

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