Campus Tracking

The comprehensive students & vehicle tracking solution for educational institutes

A comprehensive students/people/vehicle tracking solution for Educational Institutes
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Campus tracking is a comprehensive SaaS-enabled IoT solution, ensure a safe and nurturing environment for your students and staff inside the education institution. Our technologically advanced solution offers campus safety and security, asset tracking, student and bus tracking as per your requirement to ensure protection for students, school personnel and visitors.

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Key Features

Virtual fences or zoning within the campus

Student Pickup or Drop facility alerts

Security breach alerts & alarms

Geo-fencing alerts & alarms

Reports & notifications 

Panic Button helps in emergency phone calls


Student safety ensured

Updates to parents about students are in the bus and at bus-stops

Real-Time location tracking of students & buses

Provides customised reports on Daily Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & S0S escalation

Updates to parents about whether students are in the bus and at bus-stops

Notifications on deviation & violation of campus governance

India’s Leading IoT Platform Built For Efficient Student and School Bus Tracking.

In India, the safety of children while commuting to school as well as inside the premises is a major concern for school authorities and parents.

GCR offers a real-time school bus tracking solution along with BLE and GPS tracking features for both buses and students. Additionally, our user interface with the dashboard is available for the web and mobile view so that the school administrators and parents can operate it anytime, regardless of where they are.

Our experience lies in providing comprehensive solution, to multiple schools across India, with simple yet superior analytics and management systems that capture child pick-up and drop, vehicle and driver performance, including overspeed, idle time and trips completed along with timings. The solution is equipped with analytics that provides insights for the school administration to deliver a safe and secure campus environment.

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