Global Channel Resources (GCR), first of its kind Partners Platform in India, aims to offer digital tools for business transformation, where GCR collaborates with Global Technology and Solution Providers who offer SaaS connected digital solutions/IoT tools and cloud services. These solutions get validated by GCR and are offered to System Integrators, Managed Services partners and Internet Service providers, who in turn provide this business transforming digital tools to their customers.

GCR’s online Partners Platform seamlessly connects the Technology Partner with the Integration Partner. This unique platform aims at offering the best of digital tools, through a vibrant and transparent ecosystem, and helps the Technology Partner and Integration Partner to achieve accelerated business growth.

GCR India (https://www.gcrcloud.co.in), subsidiary of GCR Singapore (http://www.gcrcloud.com), is headquartered in Mumbai and started its operations in 2018. Today, India is one of the focused markets for GCR and also an important sourcing hub for digital/IoT solutions. GCR already has over 300+ digital tools/solutions being offered on its online B2B platform to the customers through its qualified System Integrators, Managed Services partners and Internet Service providers in India.

GCR has its operations spread over several countries including, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

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Transforming Business - The Digital Way


Our Vision Is To Empower Customers To Transform Their Business Using The Best Of Digital Business Tools In A Seamless Way.


GCR offers best Value for Money, SaaS connected IoT solutions to business customers. GCR has created the most responsive B2B platform to connect the ISVs with the ITeS MSPs globally who in turn offer these solutions to their customers.


Tony Tsao

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Prabodh Vyas

Director & Country Manager

Amod Phadke

Director – Sales & Marketing